An unrealized dreamer

by amharned

I’m reluctant to admit that I’m a dreamer. To me this seems like an immediate admittance to inferiority. I was raised in a solid house, with solid rules (or so I thought), and a solid, well-paved road for my life. Despite all this solidity; I am frequently known to display the glazed-eyes, bit of drool on the mouth, catatonic state that tell-tales the dreamer. Yes, in my genuine state I am a dreamer. It seems so mild a complex that it doesn’t truly deserve a whole post (certainly not my first post to the blogging world); nevertheless, this is what I am offering in my sleep-deprived, anxiety-ridden, full food baby state. Overall this is what this blog will be about in a sense. I won’t regale you with every passing fancy but perhaps I can offer some thoughts on what captures my mind; fashion, food/health, and living a full life. I’ll keep you posted (pun-intended).