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Giveaway on The Actor’s Diet blog!

Giveaway on The Actor’s Diet blog!


Giveaway on The Actor’s Diet blog!

Giveaway on The Actor’s Diet blog!

Giveaway on The Actor’s Diet blog

Giveaway on The Actor’s Diet blog

Balance Bar Giveaway šŸ™‚

chance to win cool sex comedy


I am currently swamped with classes and travel preparations (going to NYC!) I’ll be sure to update SOON!

Also, any people have any restaurants in NYC they love? Thrift stores? Just a place they love?

Let me know!


Absent for a bit

Sorry but I have family visiting Ā (including little ones). I don’t have much time to spare till Monday. I have much to say on a subject and will update then!


  • Make this blog a sanctuary for me and others
  • Work hard toward my academic goals
  • Listen to so much Mika so my heart feels full
  • Work less on counting calories and more on “intuitive” eating
  • Lose weight…but more importantly feel good about my body (hopefully this goal contributes to that)
  • Lick my wounds and get over them…no more self-pity

I’ll keep you posted on these goals as they progress (hopefully) šŸ˜€

Things to consider

You’ll find it difficult to get me to criticize any girl about her body. NEVER, is the frequency that I would assign it.

Now, that being said; I do not mean that I fail to realize that some girls are little bean polls and others are fuller, curvier. These are just categories that our bodies can fall into and I cannot emphasize how important it is to not get yourself tangled up in the messy, ugly business of trying to change yourself. We all have our limitations with our bodies and they can only handle so much be it in mass or lack thereof. This does not limit a person in how they present themselves to Ā the world though. Knowing yourself and how to present yourself in the most flattering light with confidence is much more beautiful than ringing yourself dry trying to look like something else and failing at it…terribly.

I feel very sage saying all of this; however, I suffer (as most do) with accepting this advice. For example, I’m currently on a diet (I’m a chronic dieter). This blog *cross my fingers* will let me organize my irrational thoughts and put some perspective on these insidious thoughts. In truth, I am not fat…far from it. I’ve got someĀ girthĀ to me and relative to myĀ AsianĀ mother and her family I am “big-boned ???”

My goal is simply this:

To be happy.

How I’ll end up that way isn’t by dieting orĀ achievingĀ some number. In fact, that could be my downfall.

I’ll keep you posted šŸ˜‰



My brother and I

An unrealized dreamer

I’m reluctant to admit that I’m a dreamer. To me this seems like an immediate admittance to inferiority. I was raised in a solid house, with solid rules (or so I thought), and a solid, well-paved road for my life. Despite all this solidity; I am frequently known to display the glazed-eyes, bit of drool on the mouth, catatonic state that tell-tales the dreamer. Yes, in my genuine state I am a dreamer. It seems so mild a complex that it doesn’t truly deserve a whole post (certainly not my first post to the blogging world); nevertheless, this is what I am offering in my sleep-deprived, anxiety-ridden, full food baby state. Overall this is what this blog will be about in a sense. I won’tĀ regaleĀ you with every passing fancy but perhaps I can offer some thoughts on what captures my mind; fashion, food/health, and living a full life. I’ll keep you posted (pun-intended).

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